NRI returning to India Tax Implications

NRI returning to India Tax Implications, Income Tax for NRI, Tax Implications for NRI, non resident indian income tax return

NRI returning to India Tax Implications

KDP Accountants have experience in dealing with NRI taxation for last 5 decades and more compels us to advise NRIs to file their tax returns in India as it facilitates ease of movement of funds across border if appropriate disclosures have been made to tax authorities.

Our team of experts regularly deal with cases where as NRI you have inherited wealth, sold properties, purchased properties, have active businesses in India or simply have investments in shares / NRE deposits in India and need assistance with tax filings, advisory services to minimize taxes and at times repatriate your funds out of / in India.

  • Income Tax compliances in India
  • Know your Residential Status as per Income Tax law
  • Procedures on Sale of Immovable Property in India
  • Avail benefits of DTAAs
  • Basic Compliance of Foreign Exchange Laws
  • Key for Returning NRIs
  • Advisory and Assistance for Remittances IN & OUT of India
  • Transfer of Funds from NRO to NRE accounts in India

Depth of our knowledge and experience in these tax matters coupled with our personalized responses has taken us to possess a bunch of delighted clients spread across globe. Our passion to further nurture and grow more such relationships ensure that our team members respond to your mails on an 'instant mode'

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