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Set up your
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Foreign Exchange
Laws - FEMA
Pricing Laws
Off shore structures
for Indians
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We are a firm of Chartered Accountants set up in 1955. Lead by senior partner - Mr Anil Kamdar, we operate in an extremely professional environment and commit ourselves to the highest standards of technical knowledge in the areas of Foreign Exchange Laws, Income Tax and Corporate Laws.

We assist foreign companies in choosing an appropriate structure for their proposed operations in india. This could be a liaison office, branch office or a wholly owned subsidiary company in India. Our compliance team also assists them in maintaining these companies in India. We are a one stop shop - covering all aspects of operations - payroll processing, accounting, tax filings, transfer pricing etc for all foreign companies.

We also advise Non-Residents Indians (NRI) on their financial affairs and on Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). Our team of Chartered accountants specialise in assisting NRIs with their tax filings in India.

MGI Worldwide is a Top 20 international accounting network of independent audit, tax and accounting firms, which brings together the expertise of some 6,000 professionals in over 300 locations around the world.

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Our team comprises of  
One Person Company - Now possible in india
New Companies Act 2013 - Highlights
Tax Planning Avenues for NRIs / Returning NRIs / Outgoing NRIs
Application for Permanent Account Number (PAN)
Liaison Office In India - An Overview
Forming A Corporate Entity In India - An Overview
Registrations for Singapore company
Form a Company in Singapore
Singapore Incorporation Proposal KDP
Real Estate Mutual Fund
Model Portfolio for small and medium investors
Monthly Income Plans could well be the answer to most investor problems - A perspective.
Systematic Investment Plan - It is the time and not the timing that matters!
Risk return analysis of mutual funds
Investing in real estate in India
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Maintenance of your structure in India:
Outsource maintenance of your company in India
* Accounting
* Pay Roll Accounting
* Statutory Compliance
* Head Office Reporting
You have formed a company, Know more about
your obligations in India.
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