Outsource Company Maintenance in India

Outsourced Accountancy Services

Keeping track of your company's finances is crucial for success. Outsourced Accounting Service play a key role in maintaining reliable and accurate records, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly to reduce risks and increase profits. A well-functioning Outsourced accounting system not only boosts productivity but also enhances your company's overall profitability.

Clients come to us for fresh ideas on how to handle their finance and accounting processes. While cutting costs is a common goal, we prioritize making operations more efficient without compromising quality with our Outsourced Accounting Service. KDP has a track record of delivering tangible improvements across various industries, thanks to our experienced teams and the use of technology. We understand the need for cost reduction and efficiency, and we deliver results that make a positive impact on your business.

Our team understands the challenges you face, and we're here to help with:

  • Using Technology Efficiently: We'll make sure your internal processes are smooth and efficient by incorporating the right technology.
  • Clear and Timely Financial Reports: We aim to provide financial reports that are easy to understand and delivered promptly.
  • Staying Compliant: We keep you updated on changing compliance requirements so you can focus on your business without worrying about regulatory issues.
  • Informed Decision-Making: With reliable financial information, you can make informed decisions crucial for your business growth.

Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Accounting plays a vital role in ensuring efficient and profitable business operations. Instead of handling bookkeeping internally, many businesses are realizing the advantages of Outsourced Accounting Services. Our skilled team of accountants is proficient in local software like Tally, as well as international platforms like QuickBooks. We excel in assisting businesses of all sizes, effectively reducing costs and improving efficiency by serving as the finance and accounting (F&A) team for both domestic and international companies, regardless of their scale.

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Drafting Of Employment Contracts

The employment contract serves as the essential agreement between an employer and an employee, defining their shared relationship. Without a written contract, ambiguity can arise, leaving both sides unsure about their specific rights, duties, and commitments. Our team, which includes chartered accountants and labor law specialists, handles the responsibility of creating employment contracts. This guarantees the thorough safeguarding of your interests as an employer, ensuring that your rights and obligations are carefully articulated and protected.

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Tax Withholding And Payment

Withholding Tax is a responsibility placed on the payer to deduct tax when making payments like rent, commission, salaries, professional fees, etc., at rates mentioned in The Income Tax Act. Indian regulations are strict about complying with these laws and legal action can be taken for not paying the deducted taxes. Drawing from our extensive experience in meeting compliance needs within specified timelines, we offer a comprehensive solution for handling and depositing withholding taxes. We also manage compliance requirements and provide advisory services related to this area.

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Other Statutory Compliances

Navigating the complexities of both central and state laws and regulations has become more intricate in safeguarding your company's legal integrity. Non-compliance with statutory obligations can lead to significant late filing fees, and in serious instances, directors or managers might even face legal action. We guide our clients to fulfill their filing responsibilities under various Acts, Rules, regulations, and Notifications from departments including Income Tax, Registrar of Companies, Reserve Bank of India, Value Added Tax (VAT), and Service Tax through our Outsourced Accounting Service. Our goal is to ensure your compliance and secure legal standing.

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Dedicated Account Manager

In our pursuit of providing exceptional service and building robust customer relationships, with our Outsourced Accounting Service we assign a dedicated Personal Account Manager (PAM) to each client. Your PAM understands your specific circumstances, grasps your service preferences, and is dedicated to exceeding expectations by offering additional support whenever needed.

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At KDP, we give you the option to handle bookkeeping and accounting in-house or suggest reputable accounting firms we partner with. Outsourcing these tasks helps cut down on internal operational expenses, allowing you to focus more on tasks that bring value and generate revenue. Ensuring a high level of accuracy not only prevents delays and administrative mistakes but also helps avoid potential fines and penalties. Outsourced Accounting Service is a key offering in this regard, ensuring your financial tasks are managed efficiently and effectively.

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