Apply for Articleship at KDP Accountants

When it comes to the education and professional growth of Chartered Accountants, articleship programs play a vital role. Kamdar Desai & Patel Chartered Accountants provides an excellent opportunity to embark on a rigorous training program that shapes their future careers. This program not only imparts practical knowledge but also offers valuable on-the-job work experience. Trainees get exposed to a diverse range of responsibilities, such as handling compliance management, tax research, international tax complexities, audits, and transfer pricing assignments. Through this exposure, they can choose their specialization area, ensuring a well-rounded professional development journey.

Typically, articled assistants have the opportunity to study one or more of the following professions:

  • GST
  • ROC
  • Statutory Audits/Internal Audits
  • Appeals & Tax Litigation
  • FEMA & RBI Compliances
  • Accounting on Tally & others
  • Bank Audits – Stock, Concurrent
  • Compliances and Audits for AIF / PMS
  • Other areas of work as they evolve from time to time

Why Choose KDP Accountant for your Articleship?

  • Our company's training program is meticulously crafted to offer trainees a foundational level of challenge, empowering them to thrive in their desired sectors. This rigorous process completely transforms novice individuals into proficient specialists in their respective fields.
  • At our company, hard work is the cornerstone of our success. But we also believe in creating an environment where interns can have a blast while making significant contributions. Our trainees not only have the chance to engage in hands-on research and collaborate directly with our partners on paper writing, but they also get to enhance their skills through diverse project assignments.

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