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Company formation Outside India

Are you an Indian entrepreneur with aspirations beyond borders? Are you ready to tap into the vast opportunities offered by the global market? Look no further – KDP Accountant is your trusted partner for seamlessly setting up a company outside India.

Setting up or registering a company in another country is a crucial strategy for managing global business operations. Expanding your business beyond India is a great way for any company to increase its global presence, making the most of its capital, workforce, technology, and information. The ideal location for incorporating a company is one that not only makes it easy to do business but also provides significant tax benefits, making it an attractive option for residents worldwide.

The KDP Advantage in Setting Up a Company Outside India

  • Strategic Location: We assist you in choosing the ideal location for your global venture. Our insights into business-friendly jurisdictions ensure that you not only benefit from the ease of doing business but also capitalize on maximum tax advantages.
  • Compliance with Indian Laws: Navigating the legal landscape is crucial when establishing a company abroad. At KDP Accountant, we keep abreast of Indian laws and statutory requirements, ensuring that your venture aligns with both international regulations and the long-term interests of Indian entities.
  • Overseas Direct Investment (ODI) Support: Under the ODI, we empower Indian entities to make direct investments outside India. Whether it's contributing to capital or subscribing to the Memorandum of Association of a foreign entity, we guide you through the intricacies of international investments.

Seamless Company Formation Services

At KDP, we go beyond traditional accounting services. Our expertise extends to the seamless formation of companies outside India, providing you with a solid foundation for global success. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, we are your partners in building a robust international presence.

Ready to embark on your global journey? Trust KDP Accountant to be your guide. Contact us today for a consultation and discover the world of possibilities that await your business beyond Indian borders.

Policies Facilitating Overseas Investments From India

Recent amendments to RBI policies have increased outbound investment limits and simplified procedures. To facilitate Indian companies' globalization advantages, the ceiling for overseas direct investment (ODI) by Indian entities has been raised to 400% of the investing company's net worth under the automatic route, subject to RBI regulations. Explore how these changes support overseas investments.

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Forms Of Business Presence

An Indian company can wholly own an overseas subsidiary, which is legally distinct from the parent company. Joint ventures can take the form of partnerships or incorporated entities. For overseas expansion, Indian companies can establish branch offices, adhering to RBI guidelines and regulations in the chosen jurisdiction. Discover the options for international business expansion.

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Important Criteria For Selecting A Jurisdiction

Amid numerous countries providing diverse advantages for offshore businesses, the ideal choice for incorporation depends on individual intentions and circumstances. There's no one-size-fits-all answer, as the selection hinges on the intended use of the offshore company and personal/business factors. Opt for a jurisdiction aligned with tailored corporate and personal requirements. Explore how to choose the right offshore country for your needs.

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KDP Services

Count on Team KDP to tailor the perfect offshore structure for your requirements. Recognizing the uniqueness of each client, we provide diverse jurisdiction options for your offshore business. With a focus on guiding clients through this novel process, we ensure you receive the necessary services and expert management for a successful offshore venture. Discover how we navigate offshore structure set up with your needs in mind.

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