Looking to register company in India?

Company registration in India is the first step in establishing your business. This is essential for entrepreneurs and companies hoping to function within the Indian legal system. There are various advantages to registering a company in India, including the separation of legal entities, simpler funding options, and a better reputation in the business community.

When it comes to register a company in India selecting the right company structure, is a crucial step in any business-related activity. The right business structure helps your business run smoothly and meet the required objectives.

Benefits of Registering a Company in India

  1. Tax Benefits:

    Registering a company in India makes you eligible for various tax benefits, such as business expenditure deductions, lower tax rates, and specific exemptions that reduce your overall tax liability and increase profitability.

  2. Senior professional support:

    We will connect you with our senior management, who have years of experience in registering a company in India. From company secretaries to incorporation specialists, our portal offers all the experts you need.

  3. Credibility and trust:

    Registering company in India builds trust among partners, suppliers, and consumers. It shows your commitment to professionalism and compliance with legal requirements.

  4. Complete documentation support:

    With the help of our professionals, starting with the DSC, PAN, and DIN, we will ensure that all the documents are properly well maintained during the registration process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In India, there are various types of companies you can register in India, private limited companies, one-person companies, limited liability companies, public limited companies, and many more.

The duration of registering a company in India process depends on entity type, the completeness of the documentation, and government processing time. Generally, it takes 15 to 30 days to complete the registration formalities.

To register a company in India, specific documents are necessary: PAN card, Aadhar card, Memorandum of Association (MOA), Articles of Association (AOA), and Registered office address. For more inquiries, connect with us at info@kdpaccountants.com

Why register company in India through KDP Accountants?

At KDP Accountants, we guide you through the process of Company registration in India, including company setup in India, with our qualified professional foreign company advisors. Our clear price structure, preparation of required documents, and timely updates on the registration process are all benefits to businesses. While focusing on accessibility and technology, we enable businesses to complete the company registration process and allow them to focus on their core operations with assured legal compliance.

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