Financial Services company in India

Financial Services company in India

When you're kickstarting a new project or adding something new to your business, things don't always align perfectly with your financial plan. That's where a Financial Services provider company comes in handy.

Unlike unsecured loans, Financial service is geared towards financing infrastructure or industrial projects over the long term. The idea is that the project starts generating cash flow once it's finished. This type of financing is quite common and widely used in the Indian market industry.

KDP Accountant is a trusted name in providing top-notch Financial Services. Our expertise lies in securing finance and capital for both existing businesses and new ventures looking to expand their operations. We offer a variety of project financing options, including Trade Finance Funds, Long and Short Term Funds, Foreign Currency Loans, and more.

With a substantial client base and a proven track record in Corporate Financing, our firm stands out as a reliable and trustworthy player in the market. We've established partnerships with well-known Business Loan providers in India, enabling us to offer loans with highly competitive interest rates.

Project Finance

We excel in securing affordable funding for start-ups and expansion projects in India. Our track record includes successfully arranging long-term loans, working capital, and External Commercial Borrowings from financial institutions, banks, and venture capitalists. We guide clients through the entire finance-raising process with expertise and efficiency.

  • Preparation of detailed project reports.
  • Liaison with financial institutions/banks.

Financial restructuring

Our services in financial restructuring involve careful planning, strategic liaison with financial entities, and vigilant monitoring to ensure successful implementation of the restructuring plan.

  • Developing a comprehensive restructuring plan based on a thorough assessment of operational, legal, and financial aspects.
  • Collaborating with financial institutions and banks, facilitating negotiations with lenders and creditors, and overseeing the plan's implementation.

Business valuation

We play a pivotal role in assessing the value of businesses for sell-outs, buy-outs, and existing ventures. This involves employing suitable valuation methods based on a thorough analysis of legal, operational, and financial aspects.

Our expertise in business valuation ensures a comprehensive and accurate assessment, supporting informed decisions for sell-outs, buy-outs, and the evaluation of existing businesses.

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